Monday, January 17, 2011

JDK 7: Support for dynamically-typed languages

JDK 7 is getting ready for GA. One of the very interesting feature of JDK 7 is invoke_dynamic which is about support for dynamically typed language at performance levels near to that of Java language. So far, following has been supported:

invoke_virtual :Interface related methods
invoke_special: private methods invocation
invoke_static: Static method invocation

Other enhancements are following:

Language enhancements such as following:
- Support for String in Switch-case
- Simplified varargs
- automatic resource management
- Multi-catch statement as part of improved exception handling

Upgraded class loader architecture to avoid deadlocks in case of non-hierarchy topologies

Method to close URLClassLoader

Enhanced Concurrency framework
-- A lightweight fork/join framework, flexible and reusable synchronization barriers, transfer queues, a concurrent-reference HashMap, and thread-local pseudo-random number generators

Internationalization related enhancements

I/O and networking related enhancements


Security & Cryptography

JDK 7 Features: "Support for dynamically-typed languages"


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